The Sequel to Darcy's Story

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Dialogue with Darcy

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At last,

Dialogue with Darcy

the long-awaited sequel by Janet Aylmer


Darcy's Story

Mr. Darcy has always prided himself on his ability to advise his friends and family on their relationships and decisions in life, preferring his personal judgement in such matters to their own wishes. 

His recent marriage to Elizabeth Bennet has not altered his confidence about his superior competence in such matters.

However, whether trying to arrange the future of his sister Georgiana, planning the marriage of his cousin Colonel Fitzwilliam, or advising his friend Mr. Bingley on his business ventures, Darcy does not seem to be making good progress.

Unwelcome duties, including  entertaining his mother-in-law Mrs. Bennet, visiting his aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh, or dealing with the consequences of the marriage between his sister-in-law Lydia and Mr. Wickham, cannot be postponed indefinitely.

Problems with the management of his properties and estates also seem to arise with tedious regularity.

Darcy takes some time to discover that his dear wife has at least as sound an ability to judge situations and human frailties as he does, and to understand that the solutions she proposes can often be much more successful than his own.


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"Dialogue with Darcy"  tells more about the well-loved characters first introduced in  Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen and in  Janet Aylmer's  best selling novel Darcy's Story.

Dialogue with Darcy  is an entertaining novel about the first period of Darcy and Elizabeth's marriage, and his progress towards improved self knowledge and lasting happiness.


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